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In order to capitalize on the product development and marketing effort necessary to launch and promote a companies products and services it is critical to avoid failure at the bid phase due to poor proposal preparation. The majority of companies, notwithstanding that they are efficiently managed do not maintain full time bid teams and hence staffing a bid with bid team members of sufficient calibre at the time dictated by the bid submission schedule is rarely possible. 
A bid submitted under the above conditions is unlikely to adequately describe to the customer the capability of the company to fulfill the project or explain the full benefits to the customer of the solution being proposed. In these circumstances a bid offered may not be a winning submission and seeking external assistance may be appropriate. Supply Chain Relationships Limited can provide skilled commercial/contracts practitioners who have experience of developing winning innovative bids and have the necessary practical domain knowledge to enhance the bid win probability by ensuring a comprehensive bid submission is made that will fully detail the benefits to the customer of the proposed solution.
The bid support provided by Supply Chain Relationships Limited can encompass a full bid submission or an agreed level of support to supplement an in house bid team and can cover:-

developing capture plans and win themes

 bid preparation and writing

 management of the bid team

 red teaming

 bid submission and presentation to the customer


The support from Supply Chain Relationships Limited is extended through any period of contract negotiation with the customer up to the point of contract award.



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