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Over the last six years SCRL has undertaken assignments for a number of major aerospace and defence companies including:

        Mann Aviation

        EADS Operations and Services (UK) Limited

        Rockwell Collins (UK) Limited

Thales (UK) Limited

E2V Limited


Lockheed Martin UK INSYS Limited

Lockheed Martin Strategic Systems

Mass Consultants Limited

Diamond Microwave Devices Limited


Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd

UK MOD DEFCON Training Courses to various UK Defence companies

The impact of the Defence Industrial Strategy has been a major issue for most defence contractors with a number of major partnering agreements being discussed between the UK MOD and the 1st tier UK MOD suppliers. A key issue is the range of strategies that 2nd tier suppliers need to adopt so as not to miss out on business. 
New Defcons have been issued in relation to the Defence Reform Act to cover contracts that are not subject to the Act. These fall within the 800 series DEFCONS (811-815). 
The UK MoD has issued a new set of standardised conditions (SC1) for use in the procurement of less complex requirements for Goods. (under 100,000) These standardised conditions are intended to be non-negotiable terms but contractors need to be aware of their exposure if accepting these conditions. The MoD has also issued SC2 & SC3 for higher value goods and services contracts respectively up to a value of 5,000,000.
Supply Chain Relationships Limited is affiliated with Racal Ltd who specialize in providing marketing and business development services to the Aerospace industry. 



Supply chain management services to the aerospace and defence industry




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