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Consultancy &Training

Supply Chain Relationships Limited provides its clients with commercial and contractual advice drawn from its 20 years experience in the aerospace and defence industry.
 Supply Chain Relationships Limited specialises in providing contractual advice relating to:-


the implementation of the UK Ministry of Defence's Acquisition Operating Framework "AOF" including the application of conditions of contract including MOD DEFCONS 
the implementation of the UK Ministry of Defence and Industry's  Commercial Policy Group codes of practice.
Commercial and financial aspects of contracting with the UK Ministry of Defence throughout the project CADMID cycle (concept,assessment,demonstration,manufacture, inservice and disposal)
Subcontractor and supplier management. 
civil aerospace contracts including service contracts providing power by the hour pricing.

 Supply Chain Relationships Limited provides training courses in UK MOD contracting including defence conditions, DEFCONS and has developed a training course for junior commercial staff that we feel is far more suited to their needs than those  typically provided by Hawksmere or similar providers which are normally geared towards more experienced commercial staff. The course is provided at the clients site over a number of half day training sessions thus avoiding disruption to the clients business. The course covers key areas of the UK MoD defcons including the UK MOD Defcons related to non competitive pricing and the UK MoD Defcons related to Intellectual Property Rights. Supply Chain Relationships Limited also provides intensive DEFCON training refresher courses for more senior commercial staff. Full details of our DEFCON training courses and DEFCON consultancy courses are available upon request.



Key Benefits

The client is able to make to the customer an innovative offer that meets the customer requirements for best practice in contract management and performance and to obtained equivalent performance undertakings from the clients key subcontractors and suppliers.




MOD DEFCON training services to the aerospace and defence industry




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